Basalite Pavers

We offer a large variety of Basalite products. Patio pavers start at $2.75/sq.ft. Head over to the manufacturer’s website (listed below) to see the full line available. We have a display in house for you to inspect to get a feel for the quality of these interlocking paver systems. Basalite also offers step stones, coping stones, retaining walls and freestanding walls. They also provide a collection of firepits and granite-topped cabinets for backyard baking, grilling, dining and entertaining. 


Factory inventory items can be delivered within one week. Special order items will take 3-4 weeks. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with your questions and set up your order.

Please give us a call and set up your order today!

We stock several colors listed below, for all others please inquire.

Artisan Smooth Premier in Positano


Artisan Smooth Premier in Torino


Stone Wall Wall 2 in Positano


Brista Retaining Wall in Positano


Terrace Wall Block in Grey


Terrace Wall Block in Red Charcoal


Terrace Wall Block in Tan


Split Face Wall Cap


Stone Wall 2 Cap in Positano


Bullnose in Positano - 4x12


Bullnose in Torino - 4x12

Product Options:

Please give us a call at 510-636-0852 to place an order for this item.