McNear Brick & Block

McNear Brick & Block

We offer the full line of McNear Brick & Block products. Brick pricing begins at $1.05/each. Check out the manufacturer’s website (listed below) to see the full line available. McNear produces a broad selection of Face Brick, Thin Brick, and Brick Pavers in colors and textures ranging from the soft, handmade look of the Sandmold Series, to the “reclaimed” aesthetic of the Old California Series, to the vibrant, sharp colors and edges of the Commercial Series. McNear has the capability of manufacturing custom blends, shapes, and colors.


Factory inventory items can be delivered within one week. Special order items will take 3-4 weeks. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with your questions and set up your order.  

We stock several colors listed below, for all others please inquire.

Santa Fe Rustic - Old California 


Sacramento Rustic - Old California 


Red Hills - Old California 


Red Dieskin - Commercial 


Old Myford - Old California 


Green Hills - Old California 


Balmoral - Sandmold 


Calaveras - Old California 


Tivoli - Sandmold


Red Dieskin - Split Brick 

Product Options:

Please give us a call at 510-636-0852 to place an order for this item.