Time to Give Your Lawn a Little TLC

Friday, September 16, 2016 12:26 PM


With fall arriving and with it cooler temperatures and hopefully some occasional rain, it is the ideal time to begin preparing your lawn for next spring.   It is easy to believe that because your lawn is growing slower this time of the year that it needs less attention and care. Not true.  Autumn is when your grass is taking in moisture and nutrients as it prepares for the winter months.  Give your grass a little attention right now, and in the spring you will see a beautiful green, healthy lawn

If you fertilize your lawn only once a year, now is the one time to do it.  Yes your grass grows slower in the fall, but the roots continue to grow and grow quickly.  If you apply your fertilizer now it provides essential nutrients for the roots to grow deep and your grass stores the nutrients to be ready for a healthy and fast start next spring.  We carry all types of  G & B organic fertilizers to give your lawn that great head start this fall. If you have any questions regarding the right fertilizer for your lawn, our friendly and knowledgable staff is always happy to help you.

In addition, do not wait until all the leaves have fallen on your lawn.  If left alone the wet weather and leaves combine to make what is essentially a covering that will suffocate your grass and cause fungal diseases.  After raking the leaves, if you have any bare spots on your lawn there is no better time to take care of them.  Use a garden rake to loosen the soil around the bare spot, spread a layer of Greenfields grass seed, add some G & B Starter fertilizer and some of our organic mulch, then water thoroughly, and continue to water every other day for approximately two weeks.

If you follow these simple fall directions you will love how your lawn responds in the spring.