A new look and name is in the works!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 8:00 AM

Our parent company Commercial Waste & Recycling, LLC is beginning a rebranding effort which will be completed in the coming months.  With the successful purchase of our business properties in September, we are now able to focus our efforts on a long-term strategy for our business operations which include a vast expansion to the products and services we offer.  We will be showcasing these new products in our website and our newly acquired showroom.  

As part of our rebranding effort, you will begin to see changes to our logos and even our names or “dba’s”.  Our affiliated family owned companies will be combined and our presentation to you will become much simpler.   We recognize that the several entities (Commercial Waste & Recycling, LLC; Asphalt Shingle Recyclers, LLC) and dba’s (Oakland Firewood & Landscape Supply, Oakland Landscape Supply, and Green Waste Recycling) that we have founded in the area since 2009 have created some confusion in our presentation.  Now is the time to simplify.

In a sense, we are a lot like a busy “hive”.  We receive and process thousands of tons of materials at our state permitted solid waste facilities, Commercial Waste & Recycling, Asphalt Shingle Recyclers and Green Waste Recycling.  We also produce and supply materials for the landscaping industry which are sold here at Oakland Firewood & Landscape Supply.  When trying to develop a single concept on how to present this to our customers, we kept coming back to the “hive” concept, and our core goal of “helping you succeed.”

In the coming months all of our businesses will transact using our new name:  ”Bee Green Recycling & Supply” and our existing brands will share one new logo.  You will also see some web site updates and enhancements, including some cool new TLDS! (think websites with .green instead of .com)

All four brands will unify under the new brand.


It is going to take some time to work through the formalities of these name and logo changes, we just wanted to give you, our valued customers, a heads up so that you are in the “know” and can begin to get excited with us for the great things this will mean for us all!  Thank you for growing with us these past years!  Our names and logos may be changing, but we are the same family owned company and you will continue to see the same familiar faces (with a few new ones as we grow!) all working hard to help you succeed.