Environmental Fee

Saturday, April 21, 2018 7:13 PM Josh Fookes

Environmental Fee

In over 9 years of operation, we have finally succumbed to the need to charge an Environmental Fee for all loads of material accepted at our dump facilities.  This is something we have tried to resist, but increases in costs have put us in a position that it finally needs to happen.  Therefore, effective 5/1/2018, all incoming loads of material will be charged a $3 Environmental Fee.

Bee Green Recycling & Supply, LLC is committed to providing our recycling services in a safe and efficient manner.  Environmentally related compliance costs are something that are difficult to control and continue to increase year after year.  In the past we were able to recoup some of those costs through increased tip fees, so unlike other facilities in our industry, we never charged an environmental fee.  We do not like to raise our fees on our customers, because we always strive to provide the best value for our recycling services.  However, when reviewing recent increases in company-wide costs, the realization was obvious that we now need to charge an Environmental Fee.  The purpose of our Environmental Fee is to help us cover costs and achieve an acceptable operating margin.

The Environmental Fee is a fee imposed by our company to help us cover costs associated with our entire enterprise, not a specific cost, fee, or program.  It is not a tax or surcharge required by, or paid to, any regulatory jurisdiction.  The collected fees will help us continue to operate in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

Beginning 5/1/2018, you will see a line item charge on all dump receipts for the Environmental Fee.