TechniSoil Concrete Sealer - Gloss

TechniSoil Concrete Sealer - Gloss

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NanoPave Concrete Sealer enhances and protects concrete surfaces using ultra-high clarity, nano-polymer sealer technology. This water-based, VOC-free, breathable sealer applies easily to interior or exterior concrete surfaces and protects against UV degradation, staining, fading, and weather damage. In addition, if you would like more information about NanoPave Concrete Sealer -Gloss, including safe handling instructions,  please refer to the TechniSoil NanoPave Concrete Sealer-Gloss Safety Data Sheet.


  • Reduces tracking of loose materials
  • Fast curing, long-lasting protection with ultra-high clarity
  • Extreme temperature application range (40°F - 90°F)
  • Eco-friendly, safe for interior, exterior, & landscape use.

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