G&B Organics Palm, Cactus & Citrus

G&B Organics Palm, Cactus & Citrus

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G&B Organics Palm, Cactus & Citrus - 1 cu.ft./bag

OMRI Listed product.

Gardner & Bloome Palm, Cactus & Citrus is a premium soil amendment that can be used for in-ground planting mixed with native soil or right out of the bag for container planting for all types of palms, cactus, succulents, plumerias and citrus plants.  These plants may seem very different above ground, but all these plant types have the same soil needs - the ability to retain moisture, but still drain well.  The slow release nutrients in G&B Organics Palm, Cactus & Citrus help build strong roots for robust, hearty growth.

Ingredients: recycled forest products, pumice, sand, bark fines, composted chicken manure, dehydrated chicken manure, hydrolyzed feather meal, worm castings, kelp meal, bat guano, dolomite & oyster shell limes (as pH adjusters)

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