Synthetic Turf SB66

Synthetic Turf-SB66 Face Weight 66oz.  Pile Height 1-7/8”.  Full Roll Sizes 15’x75’.  Keep the width of the roll in mind with considering the layout and your order.  Because this roll of synthetic turf is 15’ wide, orders must be placed in 15 sqft increments.  150sqft minimum order.

The shape of the blade of artificial grass is important because it can make the difference in a looking beautiful and lush, to fake and plasticky.  The S-shaped blade helps grass to look more realistic even on very sunny days.  Synthetic turf with flat blades reflect the entire spectrum of light, making the turf appear white.  The S-shape helps to diffuse reflectance and leaves this turf looking great in all lighting conditions.

Our lead-free synthetic turf products are safe for both humans and animals and ideal for residential and commercial landscapes, pets and sports fields. The manufacturer warrants that all their products have passed vigorous tests and far exceed government standards (Test results provided upon request).   The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty with a projected life of 20 years. 

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