C&D Debris Box

C&D Debris Box

Bee Green Recycling & Supply, LLC holds a Non Exclusive Franchise Hauling Agreement to haul Construction & Demolition debris (C&D) within the City of Oakland. We are also an approved hauler to haul C&D material from jobs exceeding $100k in the City of Alameda.  To complete the order for a roll off service please complete the Recycling Bin Service Order Form located here and Credit Card Billing Authorization Form located here. Email the completed forms to .

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Prices for the bins include a certain amount of tonnage (depends on box size) in the rate.  The prices and included tonnages are included listed in the Recycling Bin Service Order from.  

10 yard bins are roughly 2’ tall and suitable for heavy inert materials.  Please keep in mind that filling a bin entirely full (including the smaller 10 yard bins), may result in exceeding the maximum weight we are allowed to haul (10 tons) and may lead to a load being rejected and asked to be reloaded/emptied below the legal weight limit.

Terms and Conditions apply as described on the Recycling Bin Service Order Form.

Product Options:

Please give us a call at 510-636-0852 to place an order for this item.