Is Landscaping Fabric the best weed control option?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 12:36 PM
  • Weeds blow into the area and can establish themselves on top of the fabric barrier.  
  • If installed improperly, it can actually CAUSE problems for the plants you are trying to help.  Think about choking the trunk of a tree or a flap of fabric interfearing with a new root ball.
  • It can lead to degredation of the quality of soil beneath the fabric as it prevents new organic material from working into the soil.  It stays on top of the fabric.

In most situations, a thick layer (at least 3”, with 6” being more ideal) of mulch is a better long term solution to weed control in your landscape or garden areas.  So then you might ask, “Why use a landscape fabric?” or “Why do you sell landscape fabric?”   The simple answer is that it serves a great purpose in SOME applications.  

  • It keeps decorative rock from working into the soil.  So use it beneath those cobble stones, pea gravel or other ornamental rock installations.  You will want to keep the organic matter (leaves, pine needles, etc) from building up and creating a new foothold for weeds to grow in.  Also, cover the landscape fabric completely to prevent the sun from warming the soil beneth and causing weeds to grow from below.  
  • One benefit of using landscape fabric under other types of installations is that it can deter a pet from digging in your beautiful landscape or garden.