Mexican Beach Pebbles | Black

Mexican Beach Pebbles | Black

Mexican Beach Pebbles are naturally smoothed by the ocean waves for hundreds of years and are perfect stones for drought tolerant dry-scape landscaping and gardening. With colors ranging from light grey to a dark charcoal or sandstone brown, Mexican Beach Pebbles enhance the natural look of any garden, stream bed or pond, and are prefect around trees or for walkways. They can protect soil from harsh temperatures as well as keep drainage areas from eroding.

Naturally smooth and non-polished, our stones are available in a variety of sizes to satisfy your gardening needs.

  • 1/2” - 1”
  • 1” - 2”
  • 2” - 3”
  • 3” - 5”

Bagged rock (+/- 0.75 cubic foot)

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