Vegepods are the perfect solution for anyone seeking to grow vegetables but don’t have a backyard or garden. They are lightweight and portable, allowing you to put it virtually anywhere, and only require half the amount of soil that other raised beds of the same size would use. The Vegepod includes a mesh cover that helps create a micro-climate, which promotes rapid growth and offers protection from harsh weather and pests. It also comes with an over-head mister that easily connects to any garden hose.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, we are now a proud distributorĀ of this amazing and innovative solution for urban gardening!

For more information on Vegepod, check out this informativeĀ Blog Post, or visit the Vegepod Website!

AvailableĀ in small (39”x20”), medium (39”x39”) and large (79”x39”). Delivery options available.

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