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Tuesday, April 10, 2018 6:03 PM Chris Pochwatta

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What is Vegepod?


       Simply put, a Vegepod is an enclosed, portable, raised vegetable garden, and it is also the name of the company who designs and sells them. The design was created by the Vegepod Company in Australia, and now it is available here in the United States! Vegepod was first shown on the hit TV Show “Shark-Tank”, where it received its funding to bring this dream to life. Recently, Vegepod showcased their products at the San Francisco Garden Show, where our owner, Josh Fookes, was able to meet the owners of Vegepod. This is fantastic for a number of reasons, but primarily because now Bee Green Recycling & Supply will be selling Vegepods in the Bay Area. We are proud to work with Vegepod because their products are innovative and offer a unique solution to the issues that urban gardeners face. 

Vegepods with growth and awards

Here is a link to their website:


How Does the Vegepod Work?   


Design & Function       

       The pod itself is a brilliant design. It is lightweight, portable and easy to install.

Check out these videos for installation!


The base comes in a variety of sizes and is designed to hold water in small reservoirs, which is then wicked up through the soil to the plants. This is an incredibly efficient design to retain as much moisture as possible and cut down on irrigation costs. With this system in place, even during hot, dry summers you only need to activate the built-in overhead mister once a day, for about 3 minutes a day. This mister comes standard with every pod, and easily attaches to any gardening hose! The pod is also equipped with a protective cover made from a permeable mesh that has several functions. 

Empty vegepod base, large  vegepod moisture flowchart diagram


       The protective cover that encloses the pod provides a number of benefits to the overall health of your garden. It protects the plants inside from bugs and animals that could destroy or steal your crops. It also prevents soil contamination, giving you total control over the medium you use to grow your plants. The permeable mesh allows for air and water to pass through, creating a micro-climate that won’t burn your crops and promotes rapid growth. It is all held up by a lightweight lid that is hinged to the base for easy opening access.

vegepod large with plants   vegepod medium with plantsvegepods with lid closed in sun

Compact & Portable      

       Due to its compact size and efficient design, the Vegepod requires only half the amount of the potting mix as other gardening beds of the same size. This means you can buy bagged soil and fertilizer in easy to carry quantities, and won’t have to waste time placing and spreading large amounts of soil. This also makes it the perfect solution for growing on a second story balcony, such as you would find in tall apartment buildings or condos. This truly is a game changer for anyone in small living quarters or those who don’t have access to a yard of their own. You are now able to keep and maintain a vegetable garden of your own that is hassle free and cost effective, anywhere you like! Even if you are a renter and know you will move someday, the Vegepod can easily be emptied and taken with you.

small vegepod, open lid with plants on wooden deck

Innovative Solution for Urban Gardening

We believe that Vegepod is the perfect innovation to urban gardening and offers a much-needed solution for anyone wishing to grow their own vegetables, who might live in an area where gardening space doesn’t seem to exist. The design couldn’t be better, allowing it to go almost anywhere, and functionally it cannot be beaten!

Go check out the Vegepod Website and see for yourself why Vegepod has the best innovative solution for urban gardening! Then, stop by Bee Green Recycling & Supply and pick yours up today, or order online now!

See You At Bee Green!

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