Spring is here in the Bay Area

Friday, March 24, 2017 5:45 PM

At BeeGreen Recycling and Supply we believe that the very best way to fertilize plants is organically, and that is why we carry a large range of organic fertilizers for all types of plants, shrubs and vegetables. We carry excellent brands such as G&B Organics and Down to Earth.

G&B Organics has a great range of bagged fertilizers for vegetables, roses, fruit trees and all purpose fertilizers. G&B is a trusted and popular brand and we sell 12lb bags in a variety of types. 

Our newest line, Down to Earth, carries fertilizers in a wide range of types to meet every plant’s specific needs. From nitrogen rich fertilizers to acidic fertilizers, you can find the right combination for any type of garden. Reasonably priced in sizes ranging from 5-6 pound boxes to 25lb bags, you can find the right amount for your project.