Rocks & Aggregates - What Every Landscaper Needs To Know

Thursday, March 29, 2018 6:19 PM

Base Rock & Pathway Pebbles


Why do I need a base layer?

Great Question!

The importance of a layer of base rock or drain rock is simple: Foundation and Drainage.

        Foundation is simply the layer beneath any superficial landscaping. This can be anything from a pathway of pebbles, pavers or a brick patio, to a synthetic turf or a garden bed. The foundation will be what the top layers sit on, and provide support over the years to avoid annoying sinking and low spots! The foundation is also very important for drainage. 

        We always want to allow room for water to be carried away from our landscape, in the process of drainage. Usually, landscapers will use a base rock or drain rock, because they mesh together well under pressure, but still have enough space between the rocks to let water pass through. This is important because it prevents flooding in your beautiful garden, and avoids standing water, which can bring about a ton of other issues!

Here is a short video of a job not done right! 


How Do I Get Drain Rock?


        Here at Bee Green Recycling & Supply, we carry affordable options to help you succeed. All you need to do is give us a call at 510-636-0852 and place an order with any of our friendly staff, or check out our products on our website and place an order directly from there!

 Drain Rock                                                                           Base Rock    

Drain Rock in Hand          Crushed Base Rock In Hand

What About Pathway Pebbles?

We’ve Got You Covered!

We also carry pebbles and fines in a variety of colors and sizes! Make your landscape stand out with a beautiful Gold Fines pathway, sealed and compacted of course. We sell Pathway Sealers, as well as rent out Compacters to make your job easy. We also carry gorgeous Yuba Rock, Arizona Natural and more!

Yuba Rock                                                    Gold Path Fines                    Arizona Natural

Yuba Rock In Hand              Gold Path Fines With Quarter               Arizona Natural Pile 


What If I Want Pavers?

No Problem!

Pavers follow the same principles as everything mentioned above, be sure to install a base layer! We distribute bricks and pavers from companies you know and trust: Basalite, McNear, Pave Stone, and Cal Stone! We carry full lines of stone and brick products from the companies and can easily get you started with the patio or walkway of your dreams!

        Bee Green Recycling & Supply proudly delivers, servicing the entire San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding areas.

        Bee Green Trucks in Black & White With Greens Colors showing                         Toyota with inert material  behind



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